Special Board Meeting Minutes – Sept 9, 2013

Garden City Fire District

Special Board Meeting

September 9, 2013

 Board Members in Attendance:  Travis Hobbs, Christina Gracey, Terry Allen, Perry Wakefield, Randall Knight

Others in Attendance:  Dan Kurek, Tiffany Wahlberg

Call to Order at 12:00pm

Approval of new board Member: Motion to approve Perry Wakefield as the newest board member by Christina, 2nd by Travis.  Randall asked when Perry received his Fire I certification.  Perry stated it was early this year.  Randall asked if he was aware he would have to quit as a firefighter.  Perry stated that yes he was and at the time he got his certification he had no aspirations to be on the board.  Vote to accept Perry was unanimous.

 Vote on Officers:  Because Ben was the secretary, there need to be elections for officers.  Terry stated that his term was up in December, and he did not plan on continuing at that time, so he asked if the board wanted to do both now.  The board felt that they should hold off until January to replace the chairman.  Travis nominated Randall for the secretary, 2nd by Christina, vote was unanimous.

 Approval of asphalt bid:  Dan went to 5 companies for the asphalt bid.  3 of them stated they were too busy.  MJM Construction was given until today at noon, and did not turn in a bid.  The sewer district did the concrete pad between the buildings, and the fire district did not contribute to the cost.  Therefore, the fire district is covering a portion of the sewer district asphalt cost ($5,611, which brings their portion to their budgeted amount).  Since the only bid returned was from Watterson Excavation.  Christina asked what the timing was.  Dan stated he wanted to finish it by the end of the month.  Randall asked if the permitting had been completed.  Dan has applied for and receive the state permitting.  Dan also stated that they are missing about 10 feet of property, so Dan has asked JSH to survey the whole area.  He will try to get to it this week.  The budget currently includes $25,000 for building supplies and repairs, although some of that has been spent.  The total fire district portion is $35,174.  Travis stated that he would like to see where the 10 feet is at, and maybe the asphalt should be put on hold until spring.  Dan will have JSH mark all property corners for the 3 entities.  Tiffany mentioned that we need to have proof that the bids were sent out and the companies declined to bid.  Also, the $10,000 can be borrowed from another category in the budget, but at some point, the budget may need to be raised in total, which would require a budget hearing.  Randall stated that it would be proper courtesy to inform the two property owners that a survey is being completed and inviting them to be present if they desire.  Dan will contact both of them.  Motion by Travis to accept the bid from Watterson, pending receipt of emails declining opportunity to bid, as well as pending the results of the survey.  2nd by Christina, vote was unanimous.

 New or Miscellaneous Business:  None

Review and Approval of Current Expense Invoices:  None

Motion to close by Christina, 2nd by Randall

Meeting closed at 12:24pm