Special Board Meeting Minutes – July 10, 2013

Garden City Fire District

Special Board Meeting

July 10, 2013

 Board Members in Attendance:  Travis Hobbs, Randall Knight, Terry Allen, Benjamin Negus (by phone), Christina Gracie (by phone)

Board Members not in Attendance:  None

Others in Attendance:  Dan Kurek, Tiffany Wahlberg, Kathy Anderson, Chris Coray, ….., Curtis Moldenhauer, Bob Stevens, Joe Sharkey

Dan has been working with the city, state fire marshal, and deputy county attorney.  The county attorney suggested putting this into ordinance form so that there is more bite to it.  The city stated they would not be able to do that until August, so these ordinances will help until that can be done.  Dan has also sent a draft copy of this to the county commissioners, so they may decide to do the same, but they have not done that yet.

A copy of each resolution is attached to these minutes.

Resolution #R13-04, Resolution allowing fireworks to be used safely in Garden City:  Chris Coray asked if the resolution refers to lineal feet or how that was measured.  Travis asked if this could be written to just be below the canal.  Dan stated that legal fireworks can go 150 ft, therefore no fireworks should go above the canal.  Travis would rather keep it easy and keep it at the canal.  Terry stated that he agreed with the 200 feet because there are areas such as Harbor Village where there are homes right on the canal.  The board would like to change it to 200 feet east of the canal.  Joe asked how those who do not live here full time will find out about these restrictions and how will they know what the canal refers to.  Terry stated that the campgrounds and short-term rental companies need to update the visitor on the regulations.  Dan stated that they can also add restrictions for extreme fire conditions.  The county made signs last year that can be modified as needed.  Travis stated his other concern is that he is concerned why there would need to be restrictions on New Years.  He would like to see it modified to allow them in the winter.  Dan stated that it was modeled after other town restrictions.  Terry agreed that it would make things more complicated to add dates to it.

Motion to accept the resolution with the correction for the 200 feet east, 2nd by Ben, Vote was unanimous.

Resolution #R13-05, Resolution allowing a place to safely light fireworks in Garden City in Extreme Fire Conditions:  Travis stated that he would still like to see a change to allow fireworks during winter months.  Dan will bring that up to the city at their meeting.  Travis stated that he was concerned about the need for fire apparatus to be present for fireworks to be allowed.  He feels that is too restrictive.  Dan stated that the city will set up a time that it would be allowed and would work with the fire district to set up that time.  The state fire marshal stated that there has to be a place and time where they are allowed.

Motion to accept the resolution as written by Randall, 2nd by Travis, vote was unanimous.

 Resolution #R13-06, Resolution establishing a safe place to have recreational fires in Garden City:  Travis asked if this would affect the propane fires.  Chris Coray asked whether the definition of recreational fire would be obvious to the casual reader.  Dan stated that fire pits already have to be approved.

Motion to accept the resolution by Travis, 2nd by Randall, vote was unanimous.

Motion to adjourn by Randall, 2nd by Travis, vote was unanimous.