July 1st, 2020 Firework Restrictions Notice

July 1, 2020

Effective Immediately

By order of the Garden City Fire Chief:

There will be no fireworks of any type permitted to be discharged outside of the following area in the Garden City Fire District area:

*Starting at U.S. Highway 89 and the Utah/Idaho state line, South along   U.S. highway 89 to the 300 West (Paradise Parkway)/U.S. Highway 89 intersection.

* South along 300 west to Buttercup Lane.

* East along Buttercup Lane to Highway 30.

* South along Highway 30 to Kimball Lane.

* Continuing East along Highway 30 to Sweetwater Park Dr.

* North from Sweetwater Park Dr. to the high water line on Bear Lake.

* Northerly along the high water mark on Bear Lake to the Utah/Idaho state line.

Within those boundaries it will be permissible to light LEGAL UTAH  PURCHASED fireworks.

There will be two exceptions to the fireworks restrictions outside of the described boundaries and are as follows:

1- Within 300 feet to the west of Highway 30 between Buttercup Lane and Kimball Lane.

2- All houses immediately on Cedar Drive in the buttercup estates mobile home community.

 It will be permissible to light fireworks in these two areas.


The Fire District recognizes that many communities may be affected by  these restrictions so in order to have a place where the citizens and visitors of garden city and surrounding areas can light their fireworks, Garden City  has provided locations that people affected by the restriction may light their fireworks.

1-      The Garden City Park located at approximately 500 South Bear Lake BLVD.

2-      The East half of the Garden City public parking lot, located on the North side of the LDS church.

3-      The Garden City Heritage Park (look for the giant American flag!)

Please be safe and have a happy 4th of July and Pioneer Day Holiday!


Chief Mike Wahlberg
Garden City Fire District