February Fire Board Meeting Minutes

Garden City Fire District

Board Meeting

February 20, 2014

Board Members in Attendance:  Brian House, Randall Knight, Howard Pope, Christina Gracey

Others in Attendance:  Tiffany Wahlberg, Mike Wahlberg

Approval of Past Minutes:  Motion by Brian, 2nd by Randall, vote was unanimous

Items for Follow-Up:

Policies and procedures: Leave, Per diem, and Holidays (Randall):  Randall has been working on this and said he hasn’t received comments from all board members.  He will print these for the next meeting.  One of the items that Randall and Brian would like to change is to combine sick and vacation into paid time off.  Howard stated that in his company sick leave can only be taken if an employee is sick, so he wondered how this would work.  Randall stated that under the paid time off scenario, sick status would not need to be determined.  Randall would like to cap the leave at 200 hours.  Mike’s input was that 4-6 weeks was normal and he would be good with that.  Randall has also changed to allow Mike to work some of the smaller holidays and then take another day off if he chose.  He also thought that if Mike was called out on a holiday for more than 4 hours then he could take another day off.  Christina stated that if the holidays, vacation and sick were all combined into paid time off, then he could pick which holidays to take off.  The board would need to decide whether it would accrue all at the beginning of the year, or accrue by month.  Mike’s concern was that with the fire chief in the past the public was watching closely when he missed days.  He would like to make sure that it is very transparent and that the number is not so high that it causes perception with the public questioning his hours constantly.  Howard stated that he would like to just make sure there is a reasonable cap.  Mike stated that the reality of the job is that there is stuff that has to be done and if he isn’t at work it doesn’t get done, so he will be at work for working hours when possible.  So currently Mike gets 10 days vacation, 10 holidays, and 12 sick days.  Combining all of that together would give 32 day total paid time off.  Then the board would need to decide on a cap to carry over from year to year.  Randall  asked if Mike had found that there were copies of the policies and procedures manual and employee handbook and if they are combined or separate.  Mike stated that he hadn’t actually seen it.  Randall said he had sent it to everyone for review quite a while ago.

Fire Chief contract/90 day probation (Randall):  Motion by Howard to approve the contract as Randall has put it together, subject to the county attorney’s approval.  2nd by Brian, vote was unanimous.  Randall will have the attorney review it and update as necessary.

Building interior remodel (Mike):  Mike is ready to start doing the actual remodel.  Mike has received 3 bids back on the carpet. EZ2Plez carpets came in with the best bid.  He gave bids for a cheaper and nicer carpet.  Their nicer carpet bid came back cheaper than the other bids’ cheaper carpet.  With all of the items, the total remodel is coming in about $1000 less than the amount budgeted, which should give some leeway.  Brian asked if it would be done before the next board meeting.  Mike said the majority should be, however, with much of the labor being volunteer, it may not all be completed.

Northern Region Rapid Response Team/ Hazmat tech update (Mike):  Mike spoke with the other agencies in the county, but did not get a great response on individuals wanting to become techs now.  Mike will try again tonight at the chief’s meeting.  If he cannot get anyone, then he will be one of the techs, so that at least he can get the equip coming into the county.  He will continue to try to get a second tech.

Tech rescue squad (Mike):  There have been 1-2 volunteers from Laketown and about 6 from Garden City.  This will be in addition to the normal trainings, and would not be compensated hours for the training.  The calls should be normal fire district calls, so the Garden City fire fighters would be compensated for that.  This would start in March and would be twice per month until they get proficient and then would switch to once per month.  Brian asked if this training would be in Garden City.  Mike stated that for now it would be.  However, the Northern Region Tech Rescue Teams trains in Cache County once per month, and once the individuals are up to speed, they will begin training with the Northern Region Tech Rescue Team.

Items for discussion:

Three Firefighters accepted to NETC in Emmetsburg, Maryland (Mike):  5 individuals put in and Travis Hobbs, Tom Wahlberg, and Brandon Weatherston got accepted to attend.  They will be taking operational level IC training.  Brian asked if Bryce goes to this as well.  Mike stated that this is more for fire officers.  The school is paid for.  The airline ticket will be reimbursed.  The fire district will need to pay for the meal ticket and transportation while there.  The total cost should be around $600-700 for the 3 of them.

AED’s for the Fire District (Mike):  Since the fire district goes on many calls that are strenuous physically and the county does not send the ambulance to fire calls, Mike thought it might be wise to have an AED on the Engine and Rescue truck.  Phillips makes a very nice one for about $1200.  Mike feels that he might be able to fit this in the budget under equipment.  He would like to have one on the apparatus and one at the station.  Christina stated that since the fire station is the command center, it would be a very good idea.  Howard asked if Bryce might be able to put in some funding.  Mike stated that he can get funding from Bryce for items that benefit the entire county, but not the garden city building specifically.  Christina felt that it would be a great idea to get two.  Brian made a motion to purchase 2 AEDs, 2nd by Howard, vote was unanimous.

 Vehicle/Equipment/Station Service Requests:  The engine part was fixed that caused the engine to leak half a tank of water.  As soon as it was fixed, the main seal on the pump went out, so the tank can still only hold half a tank for now.  Mike has notified Laketown that we may need their assistant for the short-term until the part comes in this week or next.

Purchase Requisitions:  One firefighter asked for an MPD, which is a piece of rappelling equipment.  They are $750.  Mike feels that it is not necessary at this time.  Mike stated that one piece of the tech rescue equipment is missing and he has not seen it in some time.  Brian suggested that he try to find out where it went, but if it can’t be found, he should replace it.  Mike stated he might be able to get county to assist with that, but he would prefer to use the county funds for additional equipment, not replacing items that the district already had.

Equipment Status:  Everything in good shape except the engine.

Responses CO alarm, flood assist, propane leak, 4 medical assists, multiple short-term rental inspections.  Brian suggested that the district be ready for flooding.  Mike has been trickle charging the pump just in case.

New or Miscellaneous Business:  Brian suggested that on the big water tanker truck that there should probably be a Garden City Fire logo on the back.  Mike would also like to get it painted so that the Hyrum City Logo doesn’t show.  Mike stated he could probably do it himself fairly cheap.

Randall stated he got in touch with LeGrand Bitter and he stated that the local training will be held in April.  Randall asked LeGrand to add him to the distribution list as well.

Brian asked if Dan did not receive his W2 form.  Mike stated that he should have gotten one in the mail, but Mike also emailed him a copy.

Review and Approval of Current Expense Invoices

Motion to adjourn by Brian, 2nd by Randall, vote was unanimous

Randall gave a spare key for the file cabinet to Christina, who will give it to Perry

 Items for follow-up:

Policies and Procedures (Randall)

Fire Chief Contract (Randall)

Building Interior Remodel (Mike)

Tanker Truck (Painting & Logo)