Fall and winter are Chimney Fire Seasons

The summer tourist crowds are gone ushering in the peace and tranquility of the fall & winter seasons.

That peace and tranquility can be interrupted by a chimney fire if you have a wood burning stove or fireplace.

Chimney fires, especially in older homes with old brick and mortar chimneys or newer homes with flu pipes through a roof or attic and roof can seem small or you may think you can handle it but sometimes a small crack in brick and mortar or a small separation in the flu pipe in an attic or where it passes through the roof can lead to disaster – sometimes hours after you think the chimney fire is out.

If you have a chimney fire – call 911 and report a chimney fire – Garden City Fire District (GCFD) will dispatch our firefighters to extinguish the fire and evaluate the situation for a possible attic or roof fire. We would rather respond to a chimney fire than to a structure fire hours later.

Emergency: 911
Phone: 435-994-2460

 Something to think about!

If you have not had your chimney cleaned in a few years you could have an event just waiting to happen.

GCFD recommends having your chimney cleaned every 2 years if you use wood fires as your sole heat source

GCFD recommends having your chimney cleaned every 4 to 5 years if you are casual wood fire user.

Even though Garden City and all of Bear Lake is remote from any city of size you can still find chimney cleaning services in the local area.

DO IT YOURSELFER ??  GCFD has chimney cleaning tools that can be borrowed for a day.  Call our office to reserve or drop by to pick up the tools (first come – first serve).