August 2014 Fire Board Meeting Minutes

Garden City Fire District

Board Meeting

August 21, 2014

Board Members in Attendance:  Perry Wakefield, Howard Pope, Brian House, Christina Gracie

Others in Attendance:  Mike Wahlberg, Tiffany Wahlberg, Anita Weston, Nadine Sprouse, Chris Coray, Scott Tolentino

Approval of Past Minutes:  Motion by Christina, 2nd by Brian, vote was unanimous.

Legal Representation and Policies and Procedures:  Perry was able to get a couple of names to contact for legal questions.  He will have a more definite proposal for next month.

Financial Statements:  Tiffany did not have the financial statements with her and will bring them for next month.

Fire Boat SOPs:  Mike is working with DNR to put together these SOPs, as most of the calls will be dealing with DNR.  He has put together a use log that will be kept in the boat.  Howard asked Mike to add a column for a place to note any service needs and/or condition of the boat.

Storage Shed:  Mike stated that in looking into a storage POD, it doesn’t look like the pricing is a better deal than a shed.  The disadvantage in a POD is that it is limited to an 8’ width.  For a 12×14’ shed the cost would be between $2,500-$3,000 from companies in Salt Lake.  Mike wondered if the board wanted to put it out for local bid or look at other alternatives.  Brian would like to look at local bids.  He would like to have it moveable.  Mike will make sure it is under the size that a building permit would be required.  He will also make sure that it is moveable.  Brian also stated that the city limit is 160 sq ft and he thinks the fire district may be exempt as a government entity.  Christina would also like to see it bid locally.  There is a tree behind the station that wouldn’t be in the way of the actual shed, but would cause issues for construction.  The board would like Mike to get bids and look at removing the tree.  If there is a waiver on the building permit fees, then Mike will look at a larger size.

24th of July (Past and Future):  Mike stated that the 24th went smooth.  There were no issues reported outside of the city limits, where fireworks were restricted.  There was a good turnout at the city park for fireworks.  The city had sent out a text letting everyone know that is where it could be done.  Some individuals thought the city was putting on a show.  There were some people from out of town who had brought fireworks that they were not allowed to light.  Mike quickly got a permit and set up to safely light off those fireworks and put on a little show.  Mike would like to move the fire department summer BBQ to the 24th of July.  The fire district would still do the fire safety and will try to get donations toward doing a firework show as part of the BBQ.  Some of the fire fighters have volunteered to form a committee with the city and chamber to try to get donations for that event.  The goal would be to promote fire safety, provide a fun event, and bring the fireworks to a safe area, rather than having individuals light fireworks in dangerous areas on their own.  Howard stated he would like to see people donate to a large show rather than spending a lot on the cheap, small ones they could do on their own.  This would be a replacement to Heritage Days.

Scott Tolentino stated it is a great idea as long as Raspberry Days and the 24th are not too close together.  It really puts a lot of stress on businesses and volunteers to have two large events two weekends in a row.  Mike stated that he feels he has enough volunteers to get the help even if those involved in Raspberry Days do not want to help.  Brian said he likes the idea of selling burgers for $1 to help recoup the cost of the event.

Raspberry Days Breakfast:  The breakfast went smooth.  The numbers were down from the year before, probably due to the wreck in Logan canyon, therefore the revenue was down a little from the year before.  The net was about $2,700, which was roughly $700 less than the year before.  There is a check prepared to give the donations to Tara Wride.  The firefighters and ward members involved were all in agreement that the funds should be donated to her to help with medical bills.

Current Fire Restrictions:  Although conditions have changed, there are no changes to the fire restrictions, so no fires are allowed in National Parks, in the unincorporated county areas fires are allowed only in approved campgrounds.

Garden City Emergency Services Grant:  Mike would like to see as many fire fighters as possible become EMTs.  He understands that with the past issues, the fire board would most likely not be willing to pay for the cost of the training.  Mike has asked the city to provide the grant money for tuition.  There is $3,000 available for fire fighters and other members of the public.  This should almost cover tuition and gas for 3 individuals if they ride together.  Christina asked is this would cover the cost to do intermediate.  Mike stated that it would, however, the EMT association will cover that cost if the EMT has been on the service for one year.  The city has agreed to provide the funds provided an MOU is put in place that the EMT association will reimburse the cost if the EMT stays with the association for at least one year.  This would allow the program to be ongoing.  Mike will work with the ambulance association to put together that agreement.  Chris asked what would happen if the EMT will say they will only do half.  Mike said the city will only agree if the EMTs will reimburse in full.  One other option Mike is looking into is getting someone from Cache Valley to come over to teach the classes.  The downside to that would be that there is a requirement for ride-along and it may be difficult to set that up if not going through Bridgerland.

Vehicle/Equipment/Station Service Requests:  Driver’s side mirror needs tightening-done.

There are enough new fire fighters to do a Fire I class.  Travis Hobbs stepped down as captain and Andy Stokes took his place.  There will be a need for 4 new helmets.   There is also a need for 8 lights for the helmets.  The lights would be given to those who are Fire I certified.  The others will just get the standard light.  Perry asked about the lights that attach on the chest.  Mike stated that he had ordered a couple to demo and they did not work out.  There will also be a need for more t-shirts, especially in larger sizes.

Tiffany stated that the funds from last year’s breakfast funds were set aside to use for equipment and the suggestion had been to use it for helmet lights.  The guys were just deciding what to purchase.  Motion by Christina to purchase the helmets and helmet lights, 2nd by Brian, vote was unanimous.

Equipment Status:  Everything is in good condition.

Responses:  One boat fire that the district was able to provide assistance with the fire boat, hazmat incident on vehicle rollover in Laketown, 2 auto accidents, walk-in medical assists, 21 medical assists, search and rescue assist, small fire started by floating lanterns

New or Miscellaneous Business:  Utah Retirement Systems did an audit of the fire district.  The result was a favorable report.

Chris Coray asked how the Agreed Upon Procedures went last month. Tiffany reported that it went well with only one noted issues, which was discussed fully last meeting.

Motion to dismiss by Howard, 2nd by Brain, vote was unanimous.

Items for follow-up:

  • Legal representation & policies and procedures
  • Financial statements
  • Fire boat SOPs