Board Meeting Minutes – April 18, 2013

Garden City Fire District

Board Meeting

April 18, 2013

Board Members in Attendance:  Terry Allen, Randall Knight, Travis Hobbs (electronic)

Others in Attendance:  Anita Weston, Tom Wahlberg, Bruce Willden, Tyler Lloyd, Nick Jarman, Jackson Ballingham, and Cameron Calder.

Approval of Past Minutes: Motion to approve minutes for March meeting and April Workshop with minor changes suggested by Randall, 2nd by Travis, Vote was unanimous.

 Items for Follow-Up:

Comp Time:  There was a workshop on Monday to discuss this.  The policies and procedures already allow for

Website:  Dan let Chuck and Joey know that they will be doing it.  It will be a little while before he gets to it.

Employee Contract-was this signed?  Where is the signed copy? :  Has not been signed.  Terry and Dan signed it at the meeting.  A copy will be with the minutes and in Dan’s folder.

Firefighter I / Hazmat Class (Update):  Fire I and Hazmat Awareness classes have been completed and tested.  Of the 14 that tested, 4 did not pass and will need to retest.  Hazmat Ops will begin next week.

Short Term Rentals Inspection Form (Action Item):  Terry, Travis, and Dan met with the city and came up with a form for these inspections.  Joe Chambers read over the agreement and was good with it, however he would recommend that the city put in place an ordinance requiring re-inspection every year or two years.  Randall Knight had some suggestions.  Terry stated that the items he suggested would be the city’s responsibility, but he would pass it on to them.  Randall would like for the rental units to provide a flashlight and an escape plan.  Terry will pass these items on to the city.  The other recommended changes will be made.  Motion to approve short-term rental inspection form with the minor changes by Travis, 2nd by Randall, vote was unanimous.  Terry mentioned that the board will need to come up with a fee amount.  The city will collect this fee and pass it on to the district.  Since the city will be collecting the fee, the district does not need to have a resolution.  The board will vote on this at next month’s meeting, since many of the board members are absent.

 2012 UFRA Grant Balance Training Equipment (Action Item):  After receiving the grant and funds from sale of the truck and paying all the bills, there will be around $1,000 left.  Dan would like to purchase a training dummy with the remaining funds.  The district would need to put in about $300.  Motion to purchase a training dummy with the remaining funds and for the district to provide the additional $300 by Randall, 2nd by Travis, vote was unanimous.

2013 UFRA Grant( Update):  Dan applied for 4 pairs of turnouts for the new firefighters.  Everyone else on the department has been given the new turnouts.  He also put in for wildland gear for the remaining funds.  The total grant would be $14,900.

 Brush 40 pump replacement ( Update):  Dan got some bids for the pump.  The bids came in at $4800, $5900, and $4200.  This was voted on in a prior meeting.  Larsen Pump was the $4200 bid, so Dan had him order it.

Vehicle/Equipment/Station Service Requests:  Siren on Ladder 40-Dan reconnected the wires and it is now working.  Pass devices came in, so Dan replaced the one that wasn’t working.

Purchase Requisitions:  None this month.

Equipment Status:  Brush 44 has a blown hose on the one reel.  Dan picked some up today.  Everything else is up and running.  Terry asked for an update on the boat.  Dan will be bringing it back to the station next week and then they will be redoing the decking and adding boxes.

Responses:  3 fire alarms, 3 business inspections, 6 burn permits, 4 medical assists.  Dan has a list of short-term rental inspections to do now that the form is completed.

 New or Miscellaneous Business: 

 Utah Local Governments Trust has a training meeting in Logan.

Dan had Miller’s Autobody and Wolford’s look at some dents.  Wolford’s quoted $1500 and Miller’s quoted $2000.  Terry asked Dan to get a quote from Steve Hislop.  Dan will have that for next meeting.

Randall mentioned that one of the board members on the swan creek HOA board is a fire chief.  He said that they follow a guideline that they can carry a maximum of 480 comp time hours.  The problem is that if it builds up then the district would need to have the cash available.  Terry stated that he feels like the way we are handling things will keep it that way.

There is quite a bit extra in savings.  There is a limit to carrying over funds to future years without allocating it to Capital Projects.  Dan would like to get asphalt bid out so that the funds will stay below that amount.  The board would like to wait until the year is further along before making that decision.  Terry said if Dan wants to get bids that would be fine, but he feels they would need to wait until August to see what the funds look like.

 Review and Approval of Current Expense Invoices

Items for follow-up: 

            Short-Term Rental Inspection Fee

Quote on Dent Repair from Steve Hislop

Motion to adjourn by Randall, 2nd by Terry