11-17-2015 East Side Bear Lake – North Eden House Fire

East Side Bear Lake – North Eden House Fire

On Tuesday November 17, 2015 smoke was spotted on the east side of Bear Lake by a Garden City Volunteer firefighter, Scott Rose, from the west side of the lake.  After consulting with Mike Wahlberg, the Garden City Fire Chief, it was decided to report it as a structure fire to Rich County dispatch for assignment to Laketown Fire District with automatic mutual assistance by the Garden City Fire District.  Due to the distance from Garden City to the incident location it is estimated that it took about 30 to 35 minutes to arrive on site.

The home was totally engulfed in flames (see photo) when GCFD and Laketown units arrived on scene.

Water supply  issues required a ¼ mile long hose line to be assembled which further delayed getting an uninterrupted water supply on the fire as well as having reduced water pressure.

It was quickly determined that the fire was also threatening the adjacent home and two propane tanks so efforts were started to save the neighboring home as well as cooling down the propane tanks to prevent a possible tank rupture & explosion known in firefighting terms as a BLEVE.

GCFD & Laketown units were responding before any report from a local neighbor but even so the house was completely destroyed by the fire early Tuesday morning. It is reported the home had a new owner — a newly retired Cache Valley doctor whom had not yet moved into the home.

The origin of the fire is, as of now, still unknown.

11-17-15 North Eden fire

11-15-2015 Sage Creek Junction – multiple wildland fires along highway

On Sunday November 15th, 2015 about 1:15 pm the Garden City Fire District was paged to assist Randolph with several small wildland fires adjacent to the highway from Randolph for about 9 miles north.

Laketown and Woodruff fire districts had also been requested to assist.

GCFD responded with 5 units and 13 firefighters.

A total of five (5) fires were burning along the highway with 1 threatening one home about 1 mile from the junction.

All fires were extinguished and mopped up in about 3 hours.20151115_151102 20151115_15105420151115_16004920151115_160043 20151115_160037 20151115_160034 20151115_151123 20151115_151116 20151115_151112

11-11-2015 Semi Truck Fire on Logan Canyon Rd

On Wednesday November 11th about 5:30 pm Garden City Fire District received a call about a Semi Truck on Logan Canyon Road two miles from the fire station with its wheels on fire.

GCFD volunteers responded with 4 vehicles and 9 firefighters.

Overheated brakes from a long downhill run had caused the breaks to heat to a point of burning the tires.

This event was immediately followed by a regularly scheduled training night.

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04-04-2015 Laketown Canyon Wildland Fire

On April 4th, 2015 Garden City Fire District responded in support of Laketown Fire for a Wildland fire in a canyon west of Laketown.20150404_112035 20150404_11202920150404_112651 20150404_140018 20150404_154408 20150404_154417 20150404_171852

Burr House Fire – 20,000 sq ft Re-union House Fire

May 7th 2015 approximately 6:20 am the Garden City Fire District was paged out for a structure fire with reported smoke and flame evident.

GCFD first responders found a large under construction structure that was about 2 weeks from having construction completed and it’s first reunion group use the facility.  the structure was unoccupied at the time GCFD first arrived on the seen. Due to construction not being complete the smoke/fire detection systems were not yet functioning so no alarm was sounded.

GCFD was automatically assisted by Laketown, Randolph and Woodruff fire departments.  Within a couple hours further assistance would come from North Logan and Smithfield fire departments.

Initial responders found the ceilings in two areas of the basement were already collapsing so personnel initiated defensive procedures in an attempt to control the fire.




Cause of fire was undetermined due to extensive damage.
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